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Sponsor a Week of Breakfast & Snacks

Healthy food is a budget priority at the Children’s Center because children will become what they eat today. They need a steady supply of energy for a full day of learning through play. They deserve healthy bodies and strong minds.

You can give 80 children a healthy breakfast and two, nutritious snacks a day when you donate $275 as a “Sponsor of the Week” of the Children’s Center’s Breakfast & Snack program. will be used for fresh fruit, whole grain cereals, low-fat cheeses and other healthy foods when you designate your

Our nutrition program deliberately includes foods that are low in fat and high in a variety of nutrients to help children avoid childhood obesity or early onset diabetes that can rob them of their health and vitality. You can help them establish a preference for fresh fruits and vegetables that will steer them away from empty junk food in their years ahead.

Donate online or send a check indicating, “Breakfast & Snack Program.” We’ll do the shopping!

Do you have time to do the shopping? Call our Assistant Director at 703-534-4907 to be assigned a particular week to provide fresh food. She’ll send the grocery list the week before.

No matter who shops, we’ll Thank You as the week’s Breakfast & Snack Sponsor on Posters in our hallway.

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