Our Center uses the Creative Curriculum. Teachers utilize their flexible Units of Study for lesson planning. Teachers are able to modify studies based on children’s interest and goals. Creative Curriculum is a researched based curriculum, providing comprehensive lessons addressing all areas of development. For more information on the Creative Curriculum please click here. 

Teaching Strategies Gold, a companion assessment tool, allows teachers to add ongoing observations of children. Teachers use observations and documentation to create goals and tailor lesson plans.


Our philosophy is that children learn best through play-based learning. Hands-on active learning with carefully chosen materials in organized classrooms, allows children to learn through experiment and discovery. Our qualified teachers provide guidance as children explore and learn new skills.

A Typical Day at the Center

Children who arrive early are offered breakfast; a mid-morning and afternoon snack are also provided.

  • Group: Teachers and children gather together at least twice a day. Teachers use large group time to welcome children and build a sense of classroom community. Circle Time may also include introducing new topics, group discussion, reading books, and music and movement.
  • Choice Time: Children choose areas of the classroom and materials they would like to use. Classrooms have interest areas with age appropriate materials including easels, art supplies, items for building, such as blocks and Legos, a dramatic play area with dress-up clothing, a quiet area with books and soft furniture, puzzles, and a water table where children can mix and measure. All materials are well organized, making it easy for children to tidy up after play.
  • Small Group: Teachers plan activities such as cooking projects, exploration of new materials or projects related to the current Unit of Study.
  • Outdoor Play: We recognize that young children need ample time for physical activity. Our children typically spend 45 minutes twice daily on our playgrounds, weather permitting.
  • Lunch: Children sit in small groups with their teachers. Teachers model and encourage table manners during their meal. The Good Food Company provides us with healthy meals with plenty of variety. Meals are served “family style” allowing children to pass food and pour their own milk. Children practice turn taking in conversations and self-help skills as they serve themselves.

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