Give Children a Strong Foundation

English Language. Knowledge of Shapes, Colors & Patterns. The Ability to Get Along with Peers. A child’s first five years are the time to build the skills that become their foundation for their future learning.

In small classes with well-trained teachers, with specialists’ help if they need it, all children develop their full range of skills at the Children’s Center. They leave ready for kindergarten, confident and eager for greater challenges.

Your generous donation gives children at-risk the chance to build their foundation for the future. Can they count on your support? Make your gift here.

Sponsor a Week of Breakfasts & Snacks

Sluggish or Speedy? Listless or Lively? What would you choose for young children? The food that children eat determines their energy level and focus today, and the health and brain power they’ll have to draw on their entire lives.

You can give more than 50 children a nutritious breakfast and two wholesome snacks each day by Sponsoring a week of Breakfast & Snacks.

It will set them on a fast track toward good health and vitality! Make a $300 gift for a whole week, or any amount you can afford.

Give a Child Stability with a Scholarship

During these difficult economic times, many families need help making their tuition payments. You can give a child the gift of stability, when her parent is between jobs or struggling to stretch a smaller paycheck during the pandemic.

Your modest monthly gifts of $10, $15, $25 or more will build our scholarship fund. Make your gift to the Scholarship Fund.

A generous gift of $250, $500, or even $1,000, if you are able, will go a long way toward meeting the need. Make your gift to the Scholarship Fund.

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