FCMLCC provides a comprehensive, high quality early childhood program designed to give all young children, regardless of their family’s economic resources, a strong foundation on which to build the rest of their lives.

A comprehensive, research and play based curriculum

Our teachers utilize the Creative Curriculum’s flexible units of study to create dynamic lessons based on the children’s interests and individual development goals. Our teachers guide our children to explore through their play and interaction with materials thoughtfully chosen to spark interest and deep learning. 



Low student-teacher ratios

There are three teachers in each of our classrooms. Our two year old class has a 1:4 teacher to child ratio, our three year old classes have a 1:5 ratio, and our four year old classes have a 1:6 ratio.  Our low student to teacher ratio allows teachers more time to individually interact with every child.  Our teachers are able to carefully observe each child and tailor lesson plans to help her achieve her own unique learning goals.

Field trips in the community

Our three and four year olds take field trips twice a month, and our two year olds go once a month.  Our children travel on our school bus to a variety of places including museums, libraries, water parks, local farms and the zoo.  These field trips allow our children to interact closely with our community and to connect their classroom learning with real life experiences.

Speech language services for those that qualify

Children with developmental speech delays are able to work with speech and language professionals in our comfortable and familiar setting.  Our teachers work closely with these speech therapists to ensure that our curriculum and learning environments are customized to best serve each child’s individual speech development.

Dental, vision and hearing screenings for four year olds

Healthy children learn best!  In our ongoing commitment to nurturing the whole child, our Center offers dental, vision and hearing screenings for our four year olds to give them a solid start for a lifetime of learning. 

At least one Spanish speaking teacher in each classroom

Our Center thrives because of its diversity.  Having bi-lingual teachers in each of our classrooms allows for enriching language and cultural exchange.


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