Falls Church - McLean Children's Center

Falls Church-McLean Children’s Center ensures that every child receives the nutrition necessary for their growing bodies.  The proper nutrition assists children in their development not only physically, but socially, emotionally and cognitively.  Our nutrition program includes:
  • USDA-approved Breakfast and Snacks
  • Well-balanced lunches provided by Good Food Company
  • Parent Education Programming to enhance nutrition in families.
good food

The Good Food Company

Here at the Falls Church-McLean Children’s Center, we put the nutrition of our children first. It is vitally important for children to learn healthy eating habits early, because it is those habits will stick with them for the rest of their lives.  The Center contracts The Good Food Company of Arlington, Virginia, to provide lunch meals for our children.

They offer the following benefits to make sure our children are eating healthy and delicious meals:

  • Daily fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Whole wheat pasta, brown rice or homemade breads
  • Homemade entrees
  • Beef ground on-site with no scraps
  • Milk free of growth hormones
  • Fresh, healthy meals that are not pre-packaged

Learn more about the Good Food Company.

Our Garden

Our Center promotes healthy eating in a number of ways, including cultivating our own vegetable and herb garden. In the two well-crafted wooden boxes at the back of the playground you can find an abundance of tomatoes, peppers, green beans, two ears of corn and cucumbers, and also a plentiful supply of parsley, rosemary, basil, dill, chives and oregano. There are bright yellow marigolds to keep the bugs away, several gorgeous fuschia and zinnias poking through a tangle of green leaves, and even a tiny watermelon which grows bigger every day. The garden is located within the boundaries of the playground, so it is easily accessible to the children. The children love to help the teachers find ripe fruit and vegetables and pick them off the plants. Our garden has even revolutionized snack time! The green peppers and tomatoes that Ms. Gloria and the children pick from the garden are cleaned, cut and served in the classrooms as a healthy option between meals.

It is so important to have good nutrition for growth and brain development. And since the children are here all day, most of what they eat each day, they eat here. -Elizabeth Page, Executive Director, 1997-2011