Falls Church - McLean Children's Center

Our school’s diversity is one of our greatest strengths, and something that really sets us apart from other preschool programs in the area. Our students, families and staff all come from a variety of disparate backgrounds, but we all come together every day to learn from one another, and grow to respect and appreciate our differences.

Ways in which we are diverse:

  • We have at least one bilingual teacher in every classroom. This exposes children to both Spanish and English very early, allowing for both language and cultural exchange.
  • We have children and families from all over the world.
  • We accept children both with and without special needs. This is a way in which our diversity really shines, because it teaches children that everyone is different, and to be respectful of those differences.
  • We have children from a spectrum of different economic backgrounds.
  • Many of the children we teach here came to us speaking little or no English, but leave ready for kindergarten and speaking English comfortably.