Falls Church - McLean Children's Center

7:00 AM: The Center opens. Parents may drop off their children beginning at 7 am. Children who arrive early eat breakfast at the Center and enjoy free time to play.

9-9:30 AM: All children receive a healthy snack.

9:30 AM: Circle time—teachers gather children in a circle to talk about what’s happening that day. Children and teachers greet each other and learn group socialization skills. Teachers explain what opportunities the kids will have that day, such as music, reading, art, cooking, or playing dress-up.

10 AM: Children then have the opportunity to choose which activities to do. They know how many kids may be in one activity area at a time, and they may change activities when a space opens up in a new activity area they want to explore. They play together or separately and clean up after themselves.

11 AM: Circle time—children gather again to talk about what activities they did and how they felt about those activities. This helps children improve their language and communication skills and helps teachers learn more about individual children and what they like and need to do.

11:15 AM: Outside time—children play on the playground, weather permitting.

Noon: Lunch! Children wash their hands and help teachers prepare the classroom for lunch. Children eat a healthy and delicious meal catered by the Good Food Company of Arlington, then help clean up.

1-3 PM: Quiet time—children nap or engage in other quiet activities on their cots.

3 PM: Snack

3:30 PM: Circle time—children have another opportunity to reflect on their day and talk with each other and their teachers.

4-6 PM:  Children may play outside or engage in various planned or unstructured activities until it’s time to go home.