Falls Church - McLean Children's Center

Pineda family demonstrates a Latin American coffee harvest dance for children in the Young Explorer's Class.

Three generations of the Pineda Family demonstrates a Latin American coffee harvest dance for children in the Young Explorer’s Class.

Each classroom at Falls Church-McLean Children’s Center operates in what we call ” The Classroom Community”.  Much like our outlying communities, each classroom is represented by diverse families from different racial, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds.  Everyone in our classroom communities are of equal importance.  Parents will find their own place within our classrooms with open communication between the teaching staff and the family.  This allows for an integrated approach to the child’s development and growth.

The design of our classroom communities represents the best practices for high quality early learning.  Upon entering all of our classrooms you will find activity centers for play-centered education. The centers allow children to explore in books and pictures, communication and language, fine motor and art, music and movement, building/blocks, sand and water, dramatic play, nature and science, and math and numbers.  Materials are labeled in both English and Spanish to support bilingual learning. Each classroom promotes the diversity that can be seen in our children and families and is structured with a flexible schedule to allow children of every ability to participate in structured and free-choice play to enhance their learning.

There are five classrooms communities at Falls Church-McLean Children’s Center.

  • DISCOVERY ROOM- Two-Three year olds
  • YOUNG EXPLORERS- Three-Four year olds
  • ADVENTURERS- Three-Four year olds
  • RAINBOW ROOM-Four-Five year olds
  • YOUNG CREATORS- Four-Five year olds