Falls Church - McLean Children's Center

Fifty years ago, a group of concerned citizens got together to start a high-quality, child care program that would be available to all children, regardless of their family’s financial ability to pay. The program, organizers decided, would provide a safe and nurturing environment for children while their parents worked full-time, year-round.

Through the years, as scientific research has brought greater understanding of children’s emotional, physical, and brain development, the Children’s Center has adapted its program to support the widely varied needs of children and their ability to make the greatest gains in the building the foundational skills that contribute to their success in life. The one constant has been our commitment to a quality program for all children. This, we believe, starts with our stable staff of well-educated and experienced teachers who are dedicated to each child’s development. Our teaching teams have designed each of our five classrooms to provide an optimal learning environment that is appropriate for each age level, from 2 to 5 years.

Since 1986, the Children’s Center has augmented its program with the service of specialists in Speech and Language Therapy and Emotional-Behavioral Counseling to address the complex needs of our children.

Our program use The Bilingual Creative Curriculum® as the foundation for all children’s early learning experiences. This curriculum allows our program to incorporate the latest research and best practices to address the needs of each type of learner, in both English and Spanish.  

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