Falls Church - McLean Children's Center

Falls Church-McLean Children’s Center partners with many providers of professional services, local organizations, and special programs to augment and enrich our early childhood education program for children and their families.

New Dominion Women’s Club in cooperation with Reading is Fundamental deliver a new book for each child to take home, in many cases their first book. Club members also read to our children during their annual or semi-annual visit.

McLean Woman’s Club and its Chorale in recent years has conducted a fundraising concert on behalf of the Children’s Center and invited our children to perform with them.

Wolf Trap Residency

The Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning through the Arts, a program of the Wolf Trap Foundation, was established in 1981 under a grant from the Head State Bureau of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Institute trains one or two teachers each session to use theater techniques to enliven the classroom and engage young children in active learning experiences. They make books come to life by acting like characters and improve speech through rhythm with percussion instruments, for example.

A Wolf Trap residency culminates with an educational production created by the teacher incorporating newly learned techniques.

Al’s Pals

Al’s Pals: Kids Making Healthy Choices is a resiliency-based, early childhood curriculum and teacher training program that develops personal, social, and emotional skills. Using 46 interactive lessons, Al’s Pals teaches children how to:

  • Express feelings appropriately
  • Use kind words
  • Care about others
  • Use self-control
  • Think independently
  • Accept differences
  • Make friends
  • Solve problems peacefully

The lessons use guided creative play, brainstorming, puppetry, original music, and movement to develop children’s social-emotional competence and life skills.