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The Children’s Center is pleased to announce that the Reston-based nonprofit, Devotion to Children, has awarded Devotion to Children Scholarships to four children currently enrolled in the Children’s Center.

The scholarships totaling $14,300 help keep the Children’s Center’s program accessible to all children. Research continues to demonstrate that attending a high-quality preschool gives children the best chance to overcome delays that result from a low-income-family environment and to avoid a learning gap that would put them on a path of continued poverty. Through the Children’s Center, young children are able to build their fundamental skills — including English language, social-emotional, physical and cognitive skills — to levels they need to be successful in school and in life.

“We continue to be very grateful to Devotion to Children for their recognition and support of the importance of a high-quality preschool experience,” said Crystal Jean, Children’s Center executive director. “Devotion to Children Scholarships ensure that our program remains affordable to all families and accessible to the children who have the most to gain from our teachers and classrooms.”

Devotion to Children was founded by Rosemary Tran Lauer 24 years ago to provide access to high-quality educational and childcare programs for children under age six from economically disadvantaged families. The nonprofit raises funds through its three annual events:  Mother’s Day 4-Miler, Cards 4 Kids Tournament, and its annual Red, Heart & Soul Gala. Lauer continues to be a tireless advocate for high-quality early childhood education programs for children who are at-risk.





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